Get Token Prices

Get the price of a token from a variety of sources

In your webapp, you may want to show the current price of a token in the ecosystem or other ecosystems. Here are a few ways to get these prices to display. These should NOT be used for logic. If you wish to use token prices for logic, you will need to use an Oracle from multiple sources.


Coingecko is the most popular source for Crypto price feeds. It is free to use, and allows 1 query per 6 seconds by default. This should only be used for decoration, and no logic should be built off of it.


# pip install pycoingecko
from pycoingecko import CoinGeckoAPI

ids = "juno-network,bitcoin"
currencies = "usd,eur"

def main():
    cg = Coingecko()

class Coingecko:
    def __init__(self):
        api_key = ""
        if len(api_key) > 0:
   = CoinGeckoAPI(api_key=api_key)
   = CoinGeckoAPI()

    def __get_symbols(self):
        values = {}
        for _id in ids.split(","):
            data =
            symbol = data.get("symbol", "")
            values[_id] = symbol
        return values

    def get_prices(self) -> dict:
        return, vs_currencies=currencies)

    def pretty_prices(self):
        updated_coins = {}
        symbols = self.__get_symbols()
        for k, v in self.get_prices().items():
            symbol = str(symbols.get(k, k)).upper()
            updated_coins[symbol] = {"coingecko-id": k, "prices": v}
        return updated_coins

if __name__ == "__main__":
    'BTC': {
        'coingecko-id': 'bitcoin', 
        'prices': {'usd': 23270, 'eur': 21999}}, 
    'JUNO': {
        'coingecko-id': 'juno-network', 
        'prices': {'usd': 1.13, 'eur': 1.068}


// npm i coingecko-api-v3
import { CoinGeckoClient } from 'coingecko-api-v3';

export interface Data {
    id: string;
    value: number;
export interface Provider {
    name: string;
    getPrices(): Promise<Data[]>;    
    isEnabled(): boolean;

const REQUESTED_SYMBOLS = {"juno-network":"JUNO","bitcoin":"BTC"}

export class CoinGeckoProvider implements Provider {
    name: string;
    coingecko: CoinGeckoClient;

    constructor() { = "CoinGecko";
        this.coingecko = new CoinGeckoClient({
            timeout: 10000,
            autoRetry: true,

    isEnabled(): boolean {
        return true;

    async getPrices(): Promise<Data[]> {
        const ids = Object.keys(REQUESTED_SYMBOLS).join(',');

        const v = await this.coingecko.simplePrice({ vs_currencies: 'usd', ids });

        let data_arr: Data[] = []
        for (const key of Object.keys(v)) {
            let value = Number(v[key].usd);

            // if key not in COINGECKO_DENOM_MAP, then use key as id
            let id = key;
            if (key in REQUESTED_SYMBOLS) {
                id = REQUESTED_SYMBOLS[key];


        return data_arr;

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