Sync from Snapshot

Shortcut to sync a node to the mainnet from a snapshot

To restore a node from a snapshot we need to follow instructions for Joining Mainnet up to installing and configuring cosmovisor, but DO NOT start the node.

We will then download a snapshot and start cosmovisor...

Download and extract snapshot

Polkachu Validator provides the community with daily snapshots for the Juno Network. The snapshot server is periodically state-synced, so the snapshots do not contain full history, but are small in size.

To download and extract a snapshot, follow the instructions provided at

Start Cosmovisor

Finally, enable the Cosmovisor service and start it.

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable cosmovisor
sudo systemctl start cosmovisor

Check it is running using:

sudo systemctl status cosmovisor

If you need to monitor the service after launch, you can view the logs using:

journalctl -fu cosmovisor -o cat

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