Core - 1 (Core Development/Reserve)

Andrea Di Michele - Dimi (stakefish)
Wolfcontract (SG-1)
Jake Hartnell (Stargaze.Zone)
Jack Zampolin (Strangelove Ventures)

Core-2 (Core Development/Dapps/Tooling)

Jacob Gadikian (Notional)
Giansalex (Disperze)
The Frey ( the-frey#8626
nullmames (kingnodes)
Ibrar (Imperator) #6519

Active development on Juno (Core/Contracts)

Sistla Abhishek (OmniFlix)
Simon Warta (Confio)
Highlander (Highlander Nodes)
Orkun (Confio)
Denis Fadeev (Tendermint)
Zaki Manian (Iqlusion)
Wabam (SpacePotatoe) @spacepotayto
Paulo axpppp#2164
CyberObiOne (BroNBro) #4466
Awef awef #1883
shashankgoyal #3525
Eliot Baker (elgorithm) elgorithm#0574
Nonsencecode nonsensetwice#3475

Relayers (The unsung heros of the Cosmos)

CryptoCrew Validators
Cephalopod Equipment Corp
SpacePotato @spacepotayto
The list is constantly expanding. If your name is not mentioned and your actively contributing please reach out to the core team.
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