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Contributors - Core Software

Core Root is a global developer collective. Maintaining & advancing JUNO core software development.
⚵ Official Twitter:
⚵ Public Forum:
Andrea Di Michele aka Dimi
Jake Hartnell aka Meow (DAODAO)
Lobo aka Wolf (SG-1)
Jack Zampolin (Strangelove)
Jacob Gadikian (Notional)
The Frey (Needlecast)
Null aka nullmames (kingnodes)
Tosch aka Toschdev (SG-1)
Camel aka CamelJuno #7465
Ethereal (Strangelove)
Kevin Garrison (Oni Validator ⛩)
Andrew Gouin @gnudrew25
Joe Abbey @joeabbey
Boojamya @boojamya
Giansalex (Disperze)
Highlander (Highlander | ChainTools)
Orkun (DEUS Labs)
Eliot Baker (elgorithm) elgorithm#0574
Ethan Frey (Confio) @ethansf
David Fortson (LOA Labs)
Zakaria Lounes (EZStaking)
catshark (Notional)
Sistla Abhishek (OmniFlix)
Simon Warta (Confio)
Denis Fadeev (Tendermint)
Wabam (SpacePotatoe) @spacepotayto
Paulo axpppp#2164
CyberObiOne (BroNBro) #4466
Awef awef #1883
shashankgoyal #3525
Nonsencecode nonsensetwice#3475
aswever aswever#4222

Relayers (The unsung heroes of the Cosmos)

CryptoCrew Validators
Cephalopod Equipment Corp
SpacePotato @spacepotayto
Golden Ratio Staking
Strangelove Ventures
White Marlin Staking
Silk Nodes
The list is constantly expanding. If your name is not mentioned and your actively contributing please reach out to the core team.