Native Asset (JUNO)
JUNO, the native asset of the network carries a variety of use cases within the ecosystem, including:
  • securing the proof of stake network,
  • key to on-chain governance,
  • act as transport fuel (gas) for all interoperable smart contracts deployed in the ecosystem,
  • collateral in various smart contract use-cases,
  • and work token to capture value from dapps built on top of the Juno Network.

Token Economics (Tokenomics)


Juno Network is a completely community owned and operated smart contract platform. Therefore, the majority of the initial supply was stakedroped to atom holders, committed to the community pool, or committed to the development reserve for ongoing development of the Juno Network features.
✅ Initial Circulating Supply: 33.036.534 $JUNO
✅ Initial Total Supply: 64.903.242 $JUNO‌
✅ Maximum Supply (Reached after 12 years (2033): 185.562.268 $JUNO

Token Distribution Breakdown

⚪️ Community Stakedrop: 30.663.193 $JUNO
⚪️ Community Pool: 20.000.000 $JUNO
⚪️ Smart Contract Challenges: 2.373.341 $JUNO
⚪️ Core Development Reserve (Vested over 12 years, i.e. non-circulating): 10.084.396 $JUNO
⚪️ Core Team (Vested over 12 years, i.e. non-circulating): 1.782.312 $JUNO