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Juno is the native utility asset of the decentralized Juno Network.
The asset has the following properties:
  1. 1.
    Unlocks access to on-chain governance
  2. 2.
    Transport fuel for all processes on the network ie. gas to cover tx fees.
  3. 3.
    Medium used to deploy smart contracts
  4. 4.
    Key to securing the proof of stake network
All Juno that exist today entered circulation via the decentralized network launch on October 1st, 2021. There has never been a seed, private or public sale. All circulating Juno were given away for free by the network itself at genesis (genesis block), to ATOM stakers on a 1:1 basis (Stargate Snapshot).
No promises of monetary returns from the distribution of Juno were ever made by anyone in the Juno ecosystem.
No centralized exchange listing was ever paid for by anyone in the ecosystem nor does any liquidity come from paid market makers. Instead all liquidity on decentralized exchanges is supplied by thousands of community members.
The asset has never been advertised, publicized nor was anyone ever encouraged to purchase or sell the native asset by the independent ecosystem developers.
As a decentralized network, Juno is controlled by 250000+ unique addresses ie. delegators that decide the direction of the blockchain via on-chain governance, and 150 validators that run nodes to secure the network (As of July 2022).