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Native Asset (JUNO)

Token Economics (Tokenomics)


Juno Network is a completely community owned and operated smart contract platform. Therefore, the majority of the genesis supply (Over 95%) was stake-dropped to atom stakers, committed to the community pool, and committed to the development reserve for ongoing development of the Juno Network features.

✅ Initial Circulating Supply: 33.036.534 $JUNO

✅ Initial Total Supply: 64.903.242 $JUNO‌

✅ Maximum Supply (Reached after 12 years (2033): 185.562.268 $JUNO

Token Distribution Breakdown

⚪️ Community Stakedrop: 30.663.193 $JUNO (Genesis Community Stakedrop - Unvested)

Free stakedrop to ATOM stakers at inception on October 1st 2021.

⚪️ Community Pool: 20.000.000 $JUNO (Genesis Community Pool Allocation / Non circulating at genesis)

At inception, 20 Million $JUNO were allocated to the community pool. Non-circulating and owned by the public JUNO commonwealth ie. all network stakers own these funds.

⚪️ Hackathons: 2.373.341 $JUNO (50% distributed post genesis via JunoHack 1)

Allocated to HackJuno smart contract challenges. These funds are managed by the Core-1 SubDAO and assigned to various Hackathons.

⚪️ Core Software Development Reserve (Community owned. Managed by Core 1 SubDAO): 10.084.396 $JUNO (Vested 12 years / Periodic unlocks until year 12)

Genesis core software and infrastructure reserve. Owned by the public JUNO commonwealth. Managed by the Core-1 subDAO.

⚪️ Core- 1 Developers (Genesis allocations): 1.782.312 $JUNO (Vested 12 years / Periodic unlocks until year 12)

Genesis core developer allocation.

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