Juno - Interoperable Smart Contract Network
Juno is a global, open source, permission-less network for decentralized interoperable applications.
Anyone can create & use inter-chain applications on Juno. The ecosystem is pioneering CosmWasm development and adoption, allowing developers to deploy secure & robust inter-chain smart contracts in Rust. The Juno proof of stake blockchain is built using the Cosmos SDK and reaches network agreement via Tendermint Consensus. The network is governed by delegators, who vote in changes via on-chain governance. All network processes are fueled by $JUNO the native asset of the network. Juno had its decentralized network launch on the 1st of October 2021. CosmWasm Smart Contracts went live on December 15th 2021.

Grassroots Origin

Juno originates & evolves from a community driven initiative, prompted by dozens of developers, validators & delegators in the Cosmos ecosystem. The shared vision is to preserve the neutrality, performance & reliability of the Cosmos Hub and offload smart contract deployment to a dedicated sister Hub.
Some of the founding principles centre around:
⚪️ Inception of the worlds first permission-less, designated interoperable smart contract network.
⚪️ Pioneering CosmWasm development and adoption.
⚪️ Eliminating common smart contract L1 bottlenecks (poor scalability, non-interoperability, high fees, concentrated governance control).
⚪️ Sister Hub to the Cosmos Hub - Preserving the neutrality of the Hub by offloading smart contract usage/congestion to a designated contract zone.
⚪️ Governance by ATOM stakers which become JUNO stakers. Stakedrop where 47% of the genesis supply goes to ATOM stakers on a 1:1 basis.
⚪️ Eliminating potential legal limitations (Juno has not/will not conduct any form of seed sale, private sale or public sale. All $JUNO entered circulation via the decentralized network launch on October 1st 2021)

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